Friday, April 13, 2007

Ellie's 1st birthday

This post is 1 week late.

Ellie's 1st birthday fell on a Thursday, 5th April. Last Thursday, in fact.

Lina and I decided to take her to Underwater World at Sentosa, Singapore. Ellie enjoyed watching colourful fishes swimming around. She squeals in delight everytime she sees fishes.

I booked a car from NTUC Car Co-Op's car sharing scheme, taking advantage of the business day special, which cost me just SGD 44 for usage from 0700 hrs to 1800hrs. Not a bad deal indeed.

I prepared Ellie's porridge early in the morning and we packed it in an air-tight container, which we planned to feed her at any cafe at Underwater World. The drive to Underwater World was uneventful, and we reached our destination safely.

We bought the tickets, for Lina and me, Ellie was entitled to a free entry, then we fed her. This was a new place, a different environment for her. So she was very curious, looking everywhere, taking in the sights and sounds. She was especially thrilled when she saw kids running about everywhere. She would attempt to call out to them by making the sound, 'Oh! Oh!'. Hehe.

Anyway, she finished her porridge and we went to see the fishes. Halfway through the tour, it was her nap time but she refused to take her nap, not wanting to waste such an opportunity to see so many different fishes, rays and other marine animals. She loves to watch the rays gliding through the water and she would go, 'heh heh' when she sees the white underbelly of the rays, especially the huge ones.

It was a relatively short tour, but we saw so many different species of marine animals. The tour took approximately 45 minutes, then it was time for Lina and me to have our breakfast. We didn't eat when we fed Ellie as the cafe wasn't open for business yet.

We got our table easily but it was no easy feat trying to get my order. The cafe was under-staffed and crowds thronged the food counters. There wasn't any official queue and I had to try to slot in my order to the server but no matter how I tried, I just couldn't get my order in. Tourists were ordering the food in huge quantities. The server was having a hard time trying to fulfill their orders and in the end, I got frustrated so I decided not to eat at the cafe.

I brought the two girls to Rasa Sentosa Hotel, which was just 5 minutes walk away and we had our meal at the Silver Shell restaurant. Lina ordered grilled Salmon while I ordered International Buffet for myself. Ellie had fruits from the fruit platter. She loved the honeydew, kiwi fruit and dragon fruit. We all ate in comfort but at the expense of my wallet. ;p The bill came to about SGD 80. Oh well, I'd rather pay more to eat in comfort rather than queue up for my food.

Ellie threw some tantrums in the restaurant, we guessed she was tired but she refused to take her nap. Lina made milk for her but she refused to take any. She was pacified only when Lina brought her out of the restaurant for a little walk around the park. I finished whatever food was left on my plate, paid the bill and left the restaurant.

We decided to go to Vivo City, the latest shopping mall that was located just at the entrance to Sentosa Gateway. We planned to lull Ellie to sleep while pushing her around the shopping mall in her stroller. And she did just that.

While she slept, Lina and I strolled around at a relaxing pace, for about an hour and a half, by which time Ellie woke up. Having napped for a while, she was bubbly and lively and energetic again.

After spending about 2 hours there, we left for home.

I hoped Ellie enjoyed her outing as much as we did. (:

Thursday, January 25, 2007

2nd dosage

22 January 2007

Today is Ellie's 2nd dosage of the Pneumococcal vaccination. We were slightly late for the 11am appointment as Ellie was in slumberland until about 1040am. Nevertheless, I called up the clinic to confirm that we will be there about 15 minutes later than the appointed time slot.

When we reached the clinic at 1120am, it was so packed with other kids and their parents. Apparently, there were quite a number of walk-in patients. When I approached the counter, the clinic assistant told me we had to come back in the afternoon as every available time slot has been taken up. I was confused for a while and when I regained my composure, I mentioned that Ellie had an appointment at 11am but I already called up to inform the clinic assistant that we'd be late. Upon hearing this, te clinic assistant changed her stance. She said, 'Oh I see. Now that would be a different case. There's a patient in the consultation room now. So your daughter will have to wait for another patient's turn before her.' Well, that's fine with me. There were quite a number of walk-in patients who were turned away.

The clinic assistant took Ellie's weight but forgotten to take her height. Probably because of the overwhelming number of patients today and she's the only clinic assistant around. Ellie's weight is 7.4kg now.

Since there were many patients today, we decided not to let Ellie apply the cream that was said to relieve the pain caused by the injection.

During the consultation, when Dr. Winston tried to use his stethoscope to listen to Ellie's tummy, she thought he was playing with her and she playfully pushed his hands away, laughing all the way. We were quite amused but a little bit sad at the same time as we knew what Ellie was in for. But poor Ellie didn't have a clue.

When Dr. Winston took out the syringe, Ellie saw it and she went "Oh!!! OOHHH!!!" and I guessed she had an impression what was going to happen. She started to struggle but the clinic assistant helped us hold her. As for me, I took up my usual position, with a few rattles in my hand to distract Ellie's attention. When the moment came, the Doc poked Ellie's little thigh. Her little pretty face contorted with pain and she cried. She cried real hard but only for a couple of seconds as we were all there to shake the rattles and cooing at her. After that, she mumbled a few grumbles to herself and she settled down. Poor thing.

The doc also gave us a medicine for Ellie to help her soften up her stools as she did not poo for the past 3 days. This was not good for her or any babies. The doc also reminded us about giving her a proper and balanced diet everyday.

The bill came to approx SGD 197 as the doc gave Ellie a new bottle of fever mixture. The one we had at home was way past its expiry date.

Ellie have one more pneumococcal jab to go. She'd have to take it just past her first birthday. That'll be the booster jab.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Latest vaccination

15 December 2006

We brought Ellie for her Pneumococcal Immunisation jab today. According to the medical experts, this is the no. 1 virus that is taking away lives today. So if parents could afford it, every baby should be vaccinated at the earliest possible age as certified by qualified paediatricians.

As usual, Ellie was so delighted when we stepped out of the house. She thought we were going out for her usual trip out of the house. Poor little thing. She hadn't the slightest clue that we were bringing her for a jab. :'(

Today we decided to let her apply the cream which the clinic assistant claimed that could ease most of the pain. It costs SGD 3.00 for just a little bit of it. She applied it on Ellie's right thigh and sticked a plaster over it as it is a type of local anesthetic. However, it will be most effective if we let it stay for half an hour, which we did.

When Ellie was given the jab, she did not cry when the syringe was poked into her thigh. It was only when Dr. Winston pushed the plunger to introduce the 'cocktail' that Ellie started crying. But she cried for just a couple of seconds as I was there shaking the rattles vigorously to distract her from the pain.

From what I observed, Ellie behaved the same with or without the cream. According to the clinic assistant, this jab was supposed to be the most painful of all, compared with other vaccines. The pain is caused by the body's reaction to the vaccine.

Anyway, everything went smoothly. The jab costs $179 and Ellie has to take one more of such jab, plus another booster when she is a couple of months pass her first birthday.

No matter about the price. I always believe in 'prevention is better than cure'.